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Website Designing

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Web Designing Services

It’s like the basic need to have a website in a modern internet world. Your website work just like the business card to the rest of the world in which you can mention all the basic details of your company, products or business services. When 95% of the business relay on the internet it’s pretty much important that your website reflects just the right kind of info you always wanted to put for your business. At Daani Web we used to develop and offer just web designing services that can open the flood gates of business income and leads that you always looking out for. To know more about Web designing services just fill up the form and we will send you all the details that you want.

SEO Base Web Designing

Having just a website won’t do the tricks for you so here at Daani Web we design and develop website as per the needs of SEO so that you get better and higher rankings in short period of time and get the better ROI. At the time of Web designing our team of professional keep all the guidelines Web 2.0 Concept and of Google as well to keep your website on the top of ranking chart. You can simple find out how we can do this by filling up the simple form to know more about our SEO friendly web designing services.

Web Development

Web development is part of management of your online business portals like ecommerce and extra. You need to have user friendly management of your online business and this is where we stand out of the crowd as we offer our clients just the right kind of Web development services that they always have been looking out for. To know more about this just fill up the simple form and one of our tech support person will contact you as per your time zone comfort.

Website Redesigning

A Redesigning of your website can open the business gates to you. These days it’s pretty much important that your website follow the Web 2.0 concept. At Daani Web we not only redesign the website but also we keep in mind that you are redesigning it for a better business online.

Ecommerce online portal development

Build your Ecommerce business and put it online with our affordable services. We can offer you just the right kind of e-com portal development that you always have been looking out for. To find out more on this fill up the simple form and one of our tech support member will get you in touch with you for a better reply.

Shopping Cart Development

We have our own shopping cart that make your visitors flow like a within few clicks. You can manage your payment transactions and others details. To find out more on this just fill up the form and find out how we can help you stand out of the crowd.

Particulars STD PRO BIZ ELIT
Pricing $99 / INR4950 $199 / INR9950 $299 / INR14950 $399 / INR19950
Home Page
Header Flash Banner $25 / INR1250
No of inner Pages 7 10 15 30
Photo Gallery 2 Photo Gallery Pages 4 Photo Gallery Pages 7 Photo Gallery Pages 12 Photo Gallery Pages
Contact us Form
Video Integration $25 / INR1250 $25 / INR1250 $25 / INR1250 $25 / INR1250
Ecommerce $75 / INR3750 $75 / INR3750 $75 / INR3750 $75 / INR3750
CMS (Text + Photo + Video) $90 / INR4500 $119 / INR5950 $139 / INR6950 $149 / INR7450
Paypal Gateway $30 / INR1500 $36 / INR1800
Google Mapping $25 / INR1250
Pre Launch Testing
Server & Hosting Charges $20 / INR1000 $20 / INR1000 $20 / INR1000 $20 / INR1000
Google Adsense $20 / INR1000 $20 / INR1000 $20 / INR1000 $20 / INR1000
XML Sitemap
Keyword & Meta Description $50 / INR 2500 $50 / INR 2500
Chat Module $50 / INR2500 $50 / INR2500
Google Analytics Integration $25 / INR 1250
Integration with Social Media $20 / INR1000 $20 / INR1000 $20 / INR1000
Extra page (Text) $10 / INR500 $10 / INR500 $10 / INR500 $10 / INR500
Extra Page (Text + Photos) $20 / INR1000 $20 / INR1000 $20 / INR1000 $20 / INR1000
Extra Page (Text + Photos + Flash) $50 / INR2500 $50 / INR2500 $50 / INR2500 $50 / INR2500

Web Designing Services

No matter that your business is big or small you need to have website and put your business online to gain more and more sales globally. We offer just the right kind of packages that suits pockets of all level.

  • Website Designing
  • SEO Base Designing
  • Web Development
  • Website Redesigning
  • Ecom Designing
  • Shopping Cart Development

Hosting Services

Give your business the top level security that nobody can hack or leak. With us you can get the services like secure hosting that can help you manage your secure online transactions.

  • Web Server
  • Hosting
  • Dedicated Server
  • Domain Registration

Bulk SMS Services

Reach out to your positional customers with just one click. Our Bulk SMS services offer you the plan that helps you to reach your customers mobile.

  • Promotional SMS
  • Transactional SMS
  • SMS Short-code
  • SMS Long-code
  • Unlimited Users Group
  • Technical Support

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